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Get clear. Get connected. Get done.

Gain a community of Black sister-scholar-friends with an unapologetic commitment to seeing you win. Whether you are navigating the dissertation journey or life on the tenure-track, The SisterHOOD  provides community, co-writing, challenge, and coaching needed to support you in moving your manuscript from start to finished. 




Daily Co-writing sessions are protected writing times offered throughout the day. In each session enjoy the energy and inspiration that come from synchronous meeting and focused writing time with a results coach and a community of doctoral students who share your journey. Live sessions are facilitated by Result Coaches daily, Monday-Friday, from:

(1) 6-7:15 am, (2) 11-12:15 pm, and (3) 5-6:15 pm

New mix of co-writing sessions are added monthly. Click below to check out this month's offerings.

Log-in, connect within the community, set your goals for the session, and get to work. Share your daily progress, celebrate your progress, and plan for the next session. 



MeetWriteNow is 'judgment-free zone,' knit together by multiple opportunities to meet, connect and build community with one another. We are unapologetically committed to sharing our struggles and celebrating our individual and collective success. Through participation in our daily co-writing sessions, group forums, interactive chats and monthly writing challenges, you will gain a rich mix of synchronous and asynchronous opportunities for social connection and academic support for writing development. 


What gets measured, gets done. As participant in the monthly writing challenge you gain access to a personalized writing tracker and community leaderboard to monitor your writing progress and celebrate your writing success. Use our digital tools to gain powerful data about your writing tendencies that will help you sustain and adapt strategies to meet writing goals. 


MeetWriteNow Results Coaches are individuals who have acquired PhDs from research-intensive institutions, and are currently serving as faculty on the tenure-track, and/or educators, scholars and researchers within university and college settings. 


Your Results Coach will help you clarify your writing project and support you in translating that project into realistic daily/weekly monthly goals. Daily co-writing sessions offer opportunities to integrate focused writing time with timely writing coaching. You will consistently receive "in-the-moment" support and timely feedback on your writing from a Results Coach committed to seeing you win. Troubleshoot problems as they emerge to sustain momentum as you push forward in your writing project. 

FAQS about


What is included in membership? 

All members gain access to up to co-writing sessions, offered 3 times a day and 5 days per week (Monday through Friday). Members are also provided access to a digital writing tracker that captures daily writing metrics, and produces graphs that illustrate aggregate data of consistency, word counts and writing rates over time.

What happens after I sign-up? 

After you secure membership with MeetWriteNow you will be able to access all the community benefits. You will be contacted by a MeetWriteNow results coach to discuss your writing project, your goals for the month and to support you in using the digital writing track.

You will be able to:

(1) Create a member profile and join our community. In the community you will be able to introduce yourself to the group, check out the blog, or post in the discussion forum and/or directly engage your results coach through the interactive chat.

(2) Reserve your spot(s) in any or all of the daily co-writing sessions. You will be able to sign up for as many sessions as you like, each at times and days you prefer, to  customize your daily and weekly writing routine to best serve your changing availability and writing needs. 

(3) Check your writing schedule. Click on the Zoom link and show up to MeetWriteNow! 

What happens during co-writing sessions? 

The format of the co-writing session is designed to provide an opportunity for members to meet and write. After you log-on, you and other writers will be greeted by your results coach and provided an opportunity to connect with the community (verbally and/or in the chat) and share your goals for the session. After goals have been shared, all members will be provided 1 hour of focused writing time. Members can opt to leave their video/audio on or turn it off. After the writing time has concluded, members will come back to talk about their progress and plan for the next session.

For members who have purchased the "Community plus Coaching" may use the hour of time reserved for focused writing as opportunity for one-on-one or small group coaching, including troubleshooting during writing process and/or receiving feedback on your writing. 

Who should join MeetWriteNow? 

MeetWriteNow is a community for individuals who are navigating academic writing, including:

  • undergraduate students navigating coursework,

  • graduate and doctoral students navigating thesis or dissertation writing, 

  • independent researchers and junior faculty members at colleges and universities or non-profit organizations writing for publication.

All results coaches hold PhDs from research-intensive universities, and have successfully navigated academic writing in and across organization levels. If you would benefit from a system for project management that includes authentic connection, coaching and focused writing - MeetWriteNow is right for you!


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