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"We don't just talk about writing. We get writing done."

MeetWriteNow is a community of writers and Results Coaches committed to your writing success. They have successfully navigated doctoral education programs at highly research-intensive universities, and have published manuscripts across peer-reviewed academic journals and/or creative writing platforms. Through daily WriteIns you gain the live support and accountability you need to overcome writing resistance and move your writing projects from start to finished. 

ABOUT MeetWriteNow
MeetWriteNow MODEL



"The most comprehensive social community for writing execution"

2. Customize your writing routine to ensure maximum productivity, joy, connection and overall life-work balance.

1. Check out our long list of WriteIns to find the meeting times, days and writing experiences that work best for you. 

3. Show up and MeetWriteNow!

5. Maintain or change up your schedule to adjust to your writing needs and preferences.

3. Track your progress and watch your writing productivity soar.

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On-boarding session with your Results Coach

To help you clarify your purpose and break your project into manageable weekly and daily tasks, schedule a live call with your Results Coach for optimal productivity.



Daily Virtual Accountability Call & Write-In Sessions

Enjoy the energy and support of live face-to-face interaction from the comfort of your home during times of the day that align with your schedule. Through your choice of up to twenty (20) WriteIns a month, you will meet, connect and write with a live coach and community dedicated to working alongside you - rain or shine.

     Comprehensive Writing          Tracker & Coaching Support

Chart your progress to see results from your WriteIns right away, and after every week you'll receive an email summary detailing your productivity. Find yourself to be a more productive writer as you monitor your productivity and receive support to ensure you meet your writing goals.

Live Weekly Small Group Coaching & Feedback

Gain access to weekly "office hours" dedicated to addressing specific issues that come up in your writing process. Experience the feeling of individualized support from a Results Coach and other writers, while gaining tools to develop and sustain writing productivity.

Exclusive Members Only Community & Discussion Forum

Join a vibrant community where mutual encouragement and accountability are privileged. Take part in weekly and monthly writing challenges, book clubs, and events. Get to know others, all while earning rewards - simply for meeting and writing around tasks you already have to get done.




No human is an island. The world is designed for interdependence.

We all need community.

Research suggests that writers can write, but not all writers do. Social, cultural and psychological sources of writing resistance are often unknown and unchecked when writers are operating in isolation.  

MeetWriteNow's 4 C's Model is a comprehensive social community and academic support designed to meet holistic needs of writers through community-based coaching.


Writing is an expression of an individual's greater purpose in the world.

Gain clarity about who you are, how you are, and where you in your writing process.


Writers can benefit from the knowledge and energy of other writers and coaches.

Join a community where you  and your writing journey are seen, heard, and understood.


Writing is a craft that develops through daily practice.  Commit to your growth within a community dedicated to working alongside you every step of the way. Rain or shine.


Writing is a marathon constituted by short and long term goals. Allow others to be unapologetically excited about your progress, while getting the opportunity to celebrate others.



"The most comprehensive social community for writing execution"

  • Graduate students and Doctoral students at any phase in thesis or dissertation writing. Those seeking to turn conference presentation or course papers into manuscript for peer-journal review, or working to put in place professional habits of daily writing

  • Working professionals and early career faculty and researchers in need of carved out and protected time for focused writing practice

  • Any writers seeking a live community and consistent space for encouragement, accountability, coaching, and writing execution 


No matter what kind of writing project you are embarking upon, we all are intellectual and social beings who are hard-wired to connect with others. In these critical times of social distancing allow the MeetWriteNow community  to support you in adapting to a new normal and structuring your time for optimal life-work balance.

Testimonials about
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Dr. Theoria M. Cason

Former Doctoral Candidate

University of Pittsburgh

The support I received from MeetWriteNow played and essential role in the timely completion of my dissertation, and successful defense. My individual coaching sessions validated my thinking in moments when I felt overwhelmed by the process; I left each session with more clarity and motivation to continue. The sense of community that was established with my fellow writers was truly empowering!

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 7.57.07 AM.png

Marketa Fuller-President

Doctoral Student

Cleveland State University

I am an African-American, non-traditional, single-mother, full-time Ph.D. student  It was very difficult to understand the need to carve out consistent writing time, and more difficult to imagine a space for collaboration.  The virtual platform provided by Dr. Hill affords me with needed tools and resources to remain motivated, to explore writing strategies and to complete the work that is so vital to my personal and career development.  Without question, I have found the MeetWriteNow group to be a very supportive community of writers with similar dynamics and real advice that pushes me through and helps me make progress to my writing goals!  I am very grateful for this opportunity!


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